Good Choice Preservation, LLC Hiring

Good Choice Preservation, LLC
Need Vendor in Orlando, FL & Palm Beach, FL Areas
Property Management Company looking for vendors to maintain foreclosures and REO properties. We have a regional presence in the Southeast and Northeast regions of the United States.

Property Preservation By The Book

Property Preservation By The Book

Property Preservation By The Book
Mr Preservation’s manuals are designed to help you understand what the property preservation business is all about, how you can participate, who the players are, how to make as much money as possible while keeping you from getting taken to the cleaners. After you have finished reading these manuals you will have what you need to check out for yourself just about every aspect of the business. In the end, the ideal situation is for you to be as knowledgeable as possible so you will not have to depend on anyone for the information you need to make intelligent and educated decisions. To view the current selection of books, visit www.propertypreservationbythebook.com Continue Reading →

Winterizing Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Winterizing Sprinker and Irrigation Systems

Winterizing Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems
an excerpt from:
Property Preservation Winterization: Contractor Guide & Reference
Available in Kindle format

and as a PDF Download

Outside sprinkler/irrigation systems need to be thoroughly drained. In cold weather areas these systems are typically designed to easily accommodate the draining of the system. Winterization of irrigation systems is best performed by a professional; usually a landscaping company but if you find you must winterize one yourself, these steps are pretty much the standard procedure followed:

turn off water supply to the system and zip-tie the shut-off in the closed position
insure your air compressor is capable of blowing out the irrigation plumbing system. Some systems are quite large. A compressor that can supply at least 150 cfm (cubic feet per minute) at a pressure of 75 pounds is sufficient for most residential properties. Continue Reading →

USDA Handbook Chapters Added To Download Library

USDA Handbook Chapters Added To CubicYard Download Library

More Free Downloads
Three new and free files were added to the CubicYard Download Library:

USDA Obligations Related To Property Possession and Preservation

The purpose of this Administrative Notice (AN) is to clarify the provisions of RD Instruction 1980-D regarding the content and submission requirements for Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (SFHGLP) lender/servicer real estate owned (REO) property
disposition plans (PDP) and incorporate guidance regarding occupied REO. Free

USDA Handbook Chapter 15: Managing Custodial and REO Property

The Agency assumes management responsibility for 2 types of properties: custodial and real estate owned (REO). Custodial property is borrower-owned property which has been abandoned. REO is Agency-owned property to which the Agency has acquired title, either as a result of foreclosure or conveyance by deed in lieu of foreclosure. This chapter outlines the requirements for management of each type of property. Continue Reading →

What’s Your Reputation

Property Preservation Contractor Reputation Is Heavily Influenced by What Others Say About Your Work

Property Preservation Contractor Reputation


Timely And Accurate Communications

In addition to doing superb work, there are a few things that will boost your reputation. One of the most mentioned in the property preservation industry, along with documentation, is communication. Companies want to be able to get ahold of you when they need to and know that what you say is 100% reliable. For every property you work on, there is much more going on than you can even imagine. Your work is a key element in the overall scheme of things. Continue Reading →