Advertising Policy

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Cubic Yard Advertising Information

Understanding Our Advertising Policy

The primary goal of is to serve as a resource to our members – to function as a reference source, a news portal and a social network.  In order to maintain our focus on supplying only relevant and timely content for our members, Cubic Yard would like to accommodate only advertising that is in the best interest of our members.  We try to insure that advertising on Cubic Yard results in a win-win situation by only promoting products and services that are really useful to our members. Cubic Yard does allow limited indiscriminate advertisements from ad networks but will take action to remove any ads we view as inappropriate or spam type ads.
In order to help maintain our values for relevant advertising we prefer direct sales of advertising to companies that can:
  • benefit by their association with Cubic Yard, and
  • offer products and/or services of real value to our members

Truth In Advertising

Cubic Yard works towards building a relationship with our members – a relationship based on trust and respect.  We try to insure that all advertising contained on any of our sites:

  • are truthful and non-deceptive
  • cannot be unfair
  • can be substantiated with evidence to back up any claims made in the advertisement

Therefore, we would like for you to know that Digital Field Services, LLC and/or Gulf Thunder Corporation or its assignees may receive commissions, directly or indirectly from book sales, ebooks, freelancing, consulting, LegalShield™ Memberships, ad networks, seminars and other information products as well as from other opportunities that may arise.

Advertising Rates For Property Preservation Contractors

Contractors with a paid membership are welcome to create and enter their own “contractor ad” for free.   Banner ads and text links are available free of charge for reciprocal links.   Although we have never had to refuse a advertising request from contractors, please understand that advertising locations are limited.  We will work with contractors to discover the best positioning for their advertising.

Advertising Rates For Suppliers and Other Interested Parties

Our self-serve advertising gives rates for banner and text ads and can be found here.  We do not publish our advertising package plans.  Since each advertisers objectives may differ – and because we offer a large variety of marketing opportunities, advertising and participation options, we prefer to discuss your needs and objectives by telephone.  We will be glad to work with you on creating the type of campaign you feel is best for your company and our visitors.  We can offer you much more than “just advertising”.

All advertising is prepaid and we accept online payments by telephone (251-649-5511), through PayPal or company checks mailed to our office. Please note that checks are to be made out to Digital Field Services, LLC. Debit or credit card charges will show a charge to Digital Field Services, LLC or Gulf Thunder Corporation, not Cubic Yard.

Payment by company check may be mailed to:

Digital Field Services, LLC
2941 Pretty Branch Dr. W.
Mobile AL 36618

Franchise and corporate advertising:
Franchises and corporations with multiple locations are welcome to add their business listings. However, you will need to create a separate account for each location that you wish to advertise.

Refusal of advertising:
We reserve the right to refuse advertising, at our sole discretion.

Your use of this site, and the information contained herein, indicates that you have read and agree with our Terms of Service policy.  We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, without notice.  If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Service, feel free to contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page.

For more information, call:
Digital Field Services, LLC

For assistance contact any of our office staff found on our contact page. We usually can respond within 48 hours and we keep some strange hours so please indicate your time zone and a give options of days and times it is okay to call.

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