As editor and publisher of Cubic Yard, I receive dozens of phone calls per day and hundreds of e-mails per week.  Members and visitors call to share rumors, to pass along things overheard, to state facts, to tell of horror stories and of course, to ask questions.  This level of communication has gone on for years, so several years back I made the comment that “We’re connected with the industry™”.  That is not only a true statement, but it is now a trademark of Gulf Thunder Corporation, the company behind Cubic Yard.

I decided to use these industry connections to put together a group of advisors, a “crisis task force”.  This group consists of hand picked, very experienced people that know this industry and every one of them has “been there and done that”. Members of the group were selected because they may have considerable experience in property preservation procedures, business practices, REO Service, asset management, accounts receivable and a number of other needed skills.

Every casualty in this business is bad for you, bad for me, bad for the industry.  Our industry is going through changes such as I have never seen and the consensus is that things will get much worse before they get better.   Many small companies, the ones actually doing the work, are failing.

I have always said that this business belongs to no one person, no one group, no one company and no one organization. This business belongs to those who are willing to exchange a good day’s work for a fair fee; it belongs to you, it belongs to me and it belongs to those that are willing to put in honest effort and expect nothing in return except fair and honest dealings.

Do you have your back up against the wall?  Are you having to deal with an individual, group, company or organization that acts like they own the Mortgage Field Services Business or that they own you?  The group I have assembled is available for consultation.  The group consists of professionals and the fees are what you should expect to pay professionals.  The group does not offer legal advice and does not accept all requests for consultation. If you need help, e-mail the particulars to Use “Problem Solvers” for the subject line.

Terry Platt, Editor and Publisher