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Cubic Yard
Property Preservation Newsletter

The Cubic Yard Newsletter supplies information that will help you protect your business from  external forces such as the present economic situation which is putting considerably more stress and responsibility on everyone in the industry.

Knowledge is power and every issue of the newsletter contains information that is intended to guide you to a deeper understanding of government involvement, new and changed regulations and company activities. With increased knowledge and understanding, you are better positioned to gain, not lose.

The newsletter content comes from our daily research and communication concerning the Property Preservation and REO Industry. There is no set schedule of release dates for the newsletter; it will be e-mailed to subscribers when new-found information or events justifies it’s publication.

Contents may include but is not limited to:

  • how-to-articles
  • case studies
  • notification of online seminars
  • know-how exchange
  • Q&A highlights
  • interviews
  • Government agencies information
  • training
  • highly opinionated editorials
  • and more

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