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Vacant Properties with MOLD by Michael Evangelo

As mortgage field inspectors, we are required to inspect vacant properties. Often times we encounter mold in the home and depending on your immune system, this can cause instant headaches as well as trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and sinus infections.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of mold species which are all essential components of our ecosystem.  They provide decomposition of many organic substances necessary to plant, animal and human life.  Mold is a fungus that grows wherever there is moisture.  Mold spores that pass through the air find places where there is moisture to cling to.  Leaky roofs, pipes, walls or flooded areas are the breeding places for mold. In the past, we have been given liberty with not being forced to conduct interior inspections when we know that there is a mold health hazard. Due to the inexpensive availability of face masks that prevent inhalation of mold spores, we can no longer refuse to enter the property due to mold.  As often as we inspect the interior of properties, we need to think about our own health and safety. Continue Reading

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The New Industry Standard Background Check by Aspen Grove Solutions

The New Industry Standard Background Check by Aspen Grove Solutions

[Editor’s Note: Gulf Thunder Corporation and CubicYard™ are pleased to announce a long time friend, Michael Evangelo, as a new columnist. Michael is  CEO of National Mortgage Field Services and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. His first article for CubicYard™ appeared originally at]

After hundreds of lawsuits and thousands of complaints, banks are finally pushing for reform.  The measures are meant to screen out people convicted of felony criminal offense, such as theft or fraud. The Mortgage Field Services Industry is facing ever increasing requirements to ensure there is appropriate oversight of their third party service providers. One by-product is the requirement to have a valid criminal background check.  Background checks are a long-term standard practice in many organizations as a way to mitigate risk.  Background checks are now a mandatory reality for the mortgage field service industry, but to date no standard has been applied that is valid for multiple clients. Continue Reading

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