VA Securing of Swimming Pools

(3) Securing In-Ground Swimming Pools. Holders are required to comply with all local ordinances pertaining to swimming pools. In-ground pools (including any hot tub or spa that shares the same filtering system as the pool) must be secured but not drained. Pools (including the hot tub or spa that shares the pool filtering system), must be covered with material in such a way as to prevent an individual from accidentally falling into them. Fences must be secured to restrict access to the pool. Continue Reading

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VA Property Preservation Contractors Should Follow Local Code Requirements

6. Local Requirements. Holders must ensure compliance with all city, county, or other ordinances concerning property preservation. Most security instruments have a provision that permits the holder to take action to protect the property securing the loan, to advance any reasonable amount necessary and proper for the maintenance or repair of the security, and to add such an advance to the guaranteed indebtedness. The removal of hazardous materials, the correction of hazardous conditions, and the avoidance of liens are primary concerns. Continue Reading

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