Florida Department of State

Want To Find A Florida Business? Go To SunBiz Florida

Need to find information on a Florida company? Florida Deparment of State, Division of Corporations, has sunbiz.org designed specifically for that purpose. According to the site:

From here you can search and access filed information for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, trademarks, fictitious name registrations and liens. Images of most filed documents can be downloaded at no charge and to make the filing process easier, most filing forms can also be downloaded. You can access the site from our link library. Continue Reading

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Delaware Business and Construction

And Now … Delaware

The Cape Gazette published a story identifying Delaware as another state that has jumped on the “catch the contractor” train. The article, “Bills to boost responsible business practices signed into law”, states:
The measures, which range from cracking down on contractors who do not have Delaware business licenses to allowing for anonymous reporting of license violations, are designed to root out bad actors in business and construction industries, and ensure that all entities are playing by the rules, said House Majority Leader Rep. Valerie Longhurst, D-Bear, who sponsored one of the four bills. These measures by the various states plus the hundreds of law enforcement agencies chasing unlicensed contractors on Craigslist should start to have quite an impact on the property preservation industry by year’s end.  
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Craigslist Supplies Suspects

Craigslist Supplies Suspects To Arrest

Go ahead. Keep on posting those anonymous job opportunities on Craigslist. Pretty soon you may get the opportunity to hire an undercover cop! From Lee County Sheriff’s Office News Release:
Unlicensed Contractors “Nailed” in Operation Freeloader
Friday, August 15, 2014
Beginning on August 12th, 2014, members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit conducted an operation targeting Unlicensed Contractors operating in Lee County. During the three day operation, fourteen (14) people were arrested for unlicensed contracting. Continue Reading

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Online Reviews

Monitor Your Online Reviews

Don Sadler, writing for all Business experts, reports how outdated business listings and bad online reviews are hurting your business. Quoting from Don’s article,

There are hundreds of different online directories to choose from, ranging from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to the online Yellow Pages, Yelp,CitySearch, and InBusiness. In general, the more online directories you’re listed in, the better your chances of being found by customers looking for a business like yours. List your business at www.FieldServiceDirectory.com Continue Reading

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Opinionated For Sure

Yes, Mr Effinger, I Think You Got The Point

A superb piece of journalism was crafted by Lynn Effinger of ZVN Properties when he wrote Outrageous jury award reveals contempt for mortgage lenders for www.housingwire.com. When I finished reading this article I was contemplating how well it was written and chocked full of entertaining facts, quotes and references. I was thinking Mr Effinger must have journalism experience not mentioned in the short author bio given beneath his article at Housing Wire. I feel I was well rewarded when I continued – reading responses posted by readers. One has to appreciate responses that contain words like punitive, arrogance, methuselahs, irresponsibly and arrogant. Continue Reading

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Independent Contractor Test

It’s Not Easy To Meet The Independent Contractor Test

A superb article at hr.blr.com, written by Joanna Vilos, an editor of Wyoming Employment Law Letter, details… “it’s not easy to meet the independent contractor test…”  
Property preservation companies and property preservation contractors might find interest in Ms Vilos’ article which also includes:
In its analysis, the court relied on prior court decisions interpreting the concept of control. According to the court, “When a worker is an independent contractor, the employer is typically interested only in the results of the work and does not direct the details of how the work is performed.” Continue Reading

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Vacant Home Surveillance

Vacant Home Surveillance

Full Coverage Video – You can record full color video in the daytime and IR enhanced black and white video at night. 13 infrared LED lamps illuminate even the darkest nights – intruders won’t even know they are being recorded because infrared light can’t be seen by the human eye. High Quality Video – All video is recorded in high-clarity 640 x 480 24bit.The lens’ 120 degree viewing angle means you’ll get excellent coverage. Records up to 15 hours of video using a single 2GB Mini SD Card by compressing the footage. The NiteWatch will automatically begin to overwrite old recordings when more space is needed. Continue Reading

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REO Property Preservation Company Looking for 1099 Employees

Unidentified Company Looking For Reliable Employees To Effectively Communicate

Another Craigslist Mystery Company

Our Company is looking for reliable employees that is able to effectively communicate with our staff and the ability to complete work assignments on time. Pay 15 days 1099 PROPERTY PRESERVATION/REO Contractor
General Laborers- Position is full time, entry level. No specialized experience or training is required. Salary is based on experience but includes a base + commission

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Significant Limitations on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

Significant Limitations on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

President Barack Obama signed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order (“Executive Order”), which obligates most federal contractors and subcontractors to disclose labor law violations, to provide employees with detailed information about their paychecks, and limits the circumstances under which certain claims may be arbitrated. Employers with federal contracts or subcontracts for supplies or services valued in excess of $1 million (but excluding contracts or subcontracts solely for the purchase of commercial items or commercially available off-the-shelf items) are now prohibited from entering into agreements with employees or independent contractors to arbitrate claims arising under Title VII, or any tort relating to sexual assault or harassment, unless the agreement is made with the employee’s or independent contractor’s voluntary consent after the dispute arises.  The Executive Order additionally requires that employers incorporate this requirement into any subcontracts similarly exceeding $1 million. Full Story Continue Reading

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Concrete Bags

Concrete Pumps

Liebherr provide a versatile range of high quality „Made in Germany“ concrete pumps. An innovative design combined with a global service network ensures optimum availability and maximum customer benefits. Liebherr can pump concrete reliably and cost-effectively onto every building site on the planet. Liebherr truck-mounted concrete pumps are available with boom sizes of 17 to 58 m. Depending on the type, various boom folding systems are available. The supporting equipment also leaves nothing to be desired with 4 different supporting equipment options. Continue Reading

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