Pair Arrested For Burglary Of Vacant Home | Stealing Copper

Pair Arrested For Burglary

Pair Arrested for Burglary on South Shades Crest Road

Birmingham, AL 08/13/2014 –

Just after 1:30 yesterday afternoon deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress at a vacant home in the 4800 block of South Shades Crest Road. A neighbor alerted the Sheriff’s Office after seeing a pickup truck drive behind the house. Deputies arrived to find the basement door to the house had been forced open. They could hear people talking inside. They entered and announced their presence and told the people to come down stairs. Continue Reading

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Non-Compete Agreements Are Unenforceable

Dallas Court of Appeals Says Non-Compete Agreements Without Time Limit Are Unenforceable


Leiza Dolghih, writing for, states:
Earlier this week, the Dallas Courts of Appeals sided with an employee inRichard P. Dale, Jr., d/b/a Senior Healthcare Consultants v. Hoschar in ruling that her non-competition agreement was unenforceable because it did not contain a reasonable time limitation.  

TAKEAWAY: Non-competition agreements are enforceable only if they contain reasonable time, scope, and geographic limitations (and meet a few other requirements).  A vague, sloppy, one-size-fits-all, or simply an overreaching non-compete, can backfire on an employer when it comes to enforcing the agreement in court.   A non-compete covenant may be clear when the company first begins its business, but it can become less than clear as the company expands or begins to operate new businesses. Updating agreements to make sure that time limits, geographic limits, and the scope of activities restricted under the agreement are clear and reasonable is key to maintaining competitive advantage. Continue Reading

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Tennessee Law Exempts Mortgage Servicers

Tennessee Law Exempts Mortgage Servicers

A Tennessee law passed and effective on May 22, 2014 changes the existing licensing requirements for mortgage servicers seeking to obtain the Tennessee Collection Service License.  Under the new law, the definition of “collection service” has been changed, removing the licensing requirement for “any person that engages in, or attempts to engage in, the collection of notes or guarantees.”   Tenn. Code Ann. § 62-20-102(3).   Continue Reading

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Potentially Hazardous Materials Removed

Public Relations Department Arranges Cleanup Of Haz Mat House?

A property in Beaverton Oregon was recently in the news with KOIN, TV 6, receiving credit for having cleanup crews remove barrels of unknown liquids at 250 NW 181st Street. On May 27, 2014, as reported by Jennifer Dowling and KOIN News Staff, the Washington County Code Enforcement Officer Andre Bjornskov investigage and reported
“The pond is not fenced on all sides to prevent children from possible harm.”“Some of the liquid and chemical materials observed may be toxic or hazardous.”“There were some propane containers and some other containers. The oil based paint as well as the solvent type chemicals certainly could be flammable.”

KOIN Full Story Continue Reading

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Significant Limitations on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

Significant Limitations on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

President Barack Obama signed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order (“Executive Order”), which obligates most federal contractors and subcontractors to disclose labor law violations, to provide employees with detailed information about their paychecks, and limits the circumstances under which certain claims may be arbitrated. Employers with federal contracts or subcontracts for supplies or services valued in excess of $1 million (but excluding contracts or subcontracts solely for the purchase of commercial items or commercially available off-the-shelf items) are now prohibited from entering into agreements with employees or independent contractors to arbitrate claims arising under Title VII, or any tort relating to sexual assault or harassment, unless the agreement is made with the employee’s or independent contractor’s voluntary consent after the dispute arises.  The Executive Order additionally requires that employers incorporate this requirement into any subcontracts similarly exceeding $1 million. Full Story Continue Reading

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent by Margaret Workman

                       Do these two  Linkedin photos  look like mug shots to you?                             
                            A real BONNIE AND CLYDE don’t you think?  

Okay folks you will get a kick out of this one. Two weeks ago I got a call from an irate homeowner stating that we did a winterization on their property. That we did not have permission to go into their home and things were stolen and they were going to prosecute us to the fullest extent of the law. Continue Reading

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Ofori & Associates

Ofori & Associates, PC has been selected by the the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to perform REO Asset Management Services in the following geographic areas:

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. 2A
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands. 2P
Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. 3P
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont. Continue Reading

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