Episode 22 Cubic Yard Podcast: And They All Went To Jail

This interview takes an entirely different approach from my normal interviews. For reasons that should become apparent while listening to the interview, I did not introduce my guest and we take measures to insure that those involved in the incident of which we speak cannot be identified. Listen to learn a bit about:

field service reps being sued
middlemen being sued
everybody involved being sued
police called to this field inspection
the field service industry is messed up
pro bono services
field reps paid with cash
the joes of the world are taking it on the chin
why there are executive boards
no regulation and fly-by-night but some are getting super rich
could you be an expert witness? cubicyard.us
threat assessments
risk management
vulnerability, threat and risk assessment
31 Things Recruiters Will Not Tell You

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Cubic Yard Interview

Episode 21: Interview Mimi Norris, Field Services Business Consultant

Cubic Yard Episode 21: Interview Mimi Norris, Field Service Business Consultant

I feel honored to have the opportunity to visit with Mimi. Although she sees herself as just one of the property preservation contractors, Mimi deserves and has earned the title of The Matriarch of the Property Preservation Industry. Mimi has been involved with the property preservation business for almost twenty years and is largely responsibile for creation of one of the first organizations for property preservation contractors, SIRS (Society of Independent Representatives). Mimi, with others at her side, created and still offers consultation and training for property preservation contractors and offers a variety of certification programs and exams at www.sir4quality.org. For anyone looking for consultation services concerning property preservation, more information will be found at Mimi’s site, www.fsbc1.com. Continue Reading

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Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company

Episode 20 – An Interview with Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company LLC in Zimmerman Minnesota

Cubic Yard Episode 20: Interview Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company
Paul Kruger captured my attention with a remark he made in the US Field Inspectors & Property Preservations Linkedin Group. Paul”s comment in that group was an indication he preferred Linkedin be treated as more professional than say Facebook or Twitter. Since I am in agreement with that sentiment, I contacted Paul to learn more about him. The initial look-see to learn more about Paul revealed his Linkedin Profile which revealed Paul is the owner of Peerless Service Company, a real estate support services company in Zimmerman, Minnesota. Peerless Service Company offers home inspections, renovations and property preservation. Continue Reading

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An Interview With Paul Williams, Editor in Chief, Foreclosurepedia.org

CubicYard™ Podcast: Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013
Interview with Paul Williams, Editor in Chief of Foreclosurepedia.org
Join Paul Williams and I as we discuss a lot of things including:

How Foreclosurepedia got its name
Joined U.S. Navy out of high school
Met wife in the Blue Ridge area of Tennessee
Paul started foreclosurepedia.org because he had a problem getting paid for preservation work
Wanted to put public pressure on those who owed him
Decided that payments to contractors may be a national scale and decided to look into
Was put on track to a lot of information for his articles by a lot of C-Level Managers
Paul contacted BOA, HUD, J.P. Morgan, etc., and found there was a gridlock probably caused by lack of standards
Contracted Mortgage Bankers Association about their property inspection manuals
Continued to contact industry contacts and found that no-one wanted to get involved in setting standards
Designed Foreclosurepedia.org to be a (1) check-and-balance  (2) an intelligence apparatus
What is an order mill
Gathers information from publically available data
Feels he is involved in a asymetrical protracted war with the property preservation industry
Has no problem with eradication of contractors that are not contractors and order mills
The only national left is Safeguard Properties
CFPB coming in Q1 2014
Paul predicts that by Q3 2014 all nationals will be under umbrella of public companies


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An Interviw With Kim Fatica, Director of Marketing & Business Development at SEAS LLC

An Interview With:
Kim Fatica
Director of Marketing & Business Development at SEAS LLC.  
Due to server problems, the QC Talk™ talk show did not work as it should. That talk show will be rescheduled. Here is the interview between Kim and myself. Kim is originally from Cleveland Ohio and lived there 47 years and has been in Tampa for the last four and one-half years. Continue Reading

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Riley Lane, Homes Investment Group

An Interview With Riley Lane of Homes Investment Group LLC in Cleveland OH


Riley Lane has been involved with the property preservation for 8 years. Riley is a licensed general contractor in the Cleveland Ohio area. His company, Homes Investment Group LLC, services homes from the chimney to the foundation. Riley started a REO and Property Preservation Services Business to supplement decreasing income in general construction industry. Riley has a B.A. degree in psychology from Cleveland State University, a psychologist by education and enjoyed working as a  professional cook for 12 years. Continue Reading

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