QC Talk™

QC Talk™

Do you have questions about field inspections, REO, property preservation or other matters related to our industry?  
QC Talk™ enables inspectors, company representatives, contractors and others from around the country to interact in a moderated real-time talk show. QC  Talk ™ is a live interactive conversation platform commonly called a “Community Call”.  It is everything a radio talk show is – but instead of being broadcast by radio, it is broadcast over the internet. Anyone can call in and talk, ask questions, voice concerns and practically anything else that would be considered acceptable behavior in a pubic setting. Continue Reading

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CubicYard™ Mission Statement

CubicYard™ Mission Statement Updated!

CubicYard™ Mission Statement

CubicYard™ will:

act in a news gathering capacity and serve a communication role by reporting and commenting on public issues concerning the Field Services Industry with emphasis on Mortgage Servicing, REO, Inspection Services and the Property Preservation industry

serve as the eyes and ears of the industry –  the watchdog, the guardian and the contractor advocate

research issues and report findings

provide an atmosphere of opportunity infused with information and education

strive to gain the respect of the industry by being the source of straight-forward,reliable and newsworthy content

Our diligent guide is Rudyard Kipling who wrote:

I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. Continue Reading

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Mortgage Field Services

Mortgage Field Services News Now Covered By Cubic Yard

There are many industry professionals that we enjoy talking with. A lot of good ideas and suggestions are shared in both directions and any time taken to stay in touch with these individuals is time well spent. After receiving a suggestion that Cubic Yard include Mortgage Field Services news in addition to our Property Preservation news, we finally see the logic in doing so. After all, the two services are closely tied together. So, starting immediately, we will be including field service news, specifically mortgage field services and related field service news such as commercial inspections. Continue Reading

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CubicYard Update In Progress

Out With The Old

A massive update of CubicYard is in progress. Please be advised that all state guidelines are under review and all guides in color should be examined closely or ignored entirely. As these pages are updated, they will be published in black and white. State guides in black and white are current as of October 2013. Google search engine changes have changed considerably in the last few months and additional updates are in progress in order to take advantage of the changes. Continue Reading

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