VA Property Preservation Requirements For Insurance

7. Risk for Loss or Damage. Under 38 CFR 36.4823, holders bear responsibility for any loss due to damage or destruction of the property or personal injury sustained in respect to such property from the date of acquisition by the holder to the date such risk is assumed by VA. Risk is assumed by VA on the day successful electronic acceptance of the “Transfer of Custody” event is indicated in the VALERI application. If the “Transfer of Custody” event is rejected, risk remains with the holder. Continue Reading

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VA Property Preservation Contractors Should Follow Local Code Requirements

6. Local Requirements. Holders must ensure compliance with all city, county, or other ordinances concerning property preservation. Most security instruments have a provision that permits the holder to take action to protect the property securing the loan, to advance any reasonable amount necessary and proper for the maintenance or repair of the security, and to add such an advance to the guaranteed indebtedness. The removal of hazardous materials, the correction of hazardous conditions, and the avoidance of liens are primary concerns. Continue Reading

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VA Interior Inspections

5. Interior Inspections. Following a determination that a property has been abandoned, a visual “exterior only” inspection may not reveal any emergency repairs or environmental/fire hazards, which, if not addressed at once, may pose damage to the property. Early detection of problems is critical to minimize loss in the event the property is acquired by the holder and possibly conveyed to VA. Therefore, subsequent inspection reports on abandoned properties must include completion of interior inspections. Continue Reading

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