Ironclad Preservation Beating The Talk

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Ironclad Preservation Beating The Talk by Austyn Korpi

Austyn KorpiAustyn KorpiAustyn KorpiIronclad Preservation
as many of you know has been under excruciating fire from sources that do not need to be named. Yes the owner had gone down a dark path due to the stress he was under. People decided to spread lies about what was actually going on. Bret Douglas has aired his laundry countless times. He does not hide his skeletons like most do, he admits them openly in public. He was made out to be an awful person who could care less about others. The people who really know Bret and who have ever had an opportunity to meet him know differently. There are always people who are calling the office or emailing asking for help. Bret is and always has been about helping others. He gives smaller companies names and references to clients that might be a good fit for them in their areas.  We help local companies with supplies when they need it and emotional support when they are going through a rough time.

Ironclad was made out to be a defeated organization to the public eye. This however was not the case at all. We pulled together and embraced our strengths and weaknesses. Office staff pulled together worked extra hours so that the crew could get out at 5:30. We processed all night and our crew stood strong and continued to do what we do best.  Our firm is strong and a force to be reckoned with. We, like all others, go through hard times but we find a way to persevere even when it looks like there is no hope. Ironclad finds a way out of the dark and is growing stronger than ever.

Bret has since made a change for the better. He is getting the help he needs and has the support of his family, friends, and employees who support his recovery. He has also been running a truck and training the crews one on one.

Ironclad has gone back to the basics: we have had training days, company meetings, and embraced testing our crews to see what they need help in. When the results are in Bret personally helps the individuals one-on-one to work on the skills that they are struggling in. We are working hard to become stronger than ever. 

Ironclad Preservation has stayed so strong due to the enormous support that we have from our close friends. Even though we have been dragged through the trenches our clients stayed with us. They believed in what we were capable of as a team and knew that just because our leader was down that we were still running strong. We also have amazing friends in this industry that were concerned and offered to help in any way. There were numerous phone calls and emails asking if there was anything that we needed. We would like to thank everyone who believed in Ironclad.

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