Whiplash: Why Do Our Clients Have To Have So Many Different Requirements by Margaret Workman

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Margaret Workman

I am seriously getting whiplash from the amount of requirements and pricing differences among the clients in our industry.  We understand every company has a right to do things their way.  However we also have a right to request things be streamlined so that we are all on the same page.

Some companies pay per photo, some don’t. Some companies pay a trip charge some don’t.

Our Industry is like no other. I believe if we streamlined all Preservation and Inspection work then everyone would be successful and get the job done right the first time.

For instance, some of our grass cutting clients want 12+ photos of the property- front, back, left side, right side, and sign in yard and any damages plus roof photo, address verification and sign in window. Now these photos are to be taken before and after with the same angles.

This is confusing when the next grass client wants the same 12 but include street sign, photo of ruler showing height of grass before and height of grass after. Also wants photo of lawn mower, weed eater and blower in yard. I repeat, WHIPLASH. We need to streamline this process so all property preservation companies are using the same photo requirements since it’s really the client that should be dictating this. Using the same photo positions industry wide to me would be a good thing.

I was told by a client that their clients (banks) requested these photos, and I do other work for the bank that they were talking about and asked them if this was true.

The bank proceeded to tell me that all they wanted was a front, back, both sides and address verification before and after and any damages noted. They told me the companies soliciting their business are all trying to one up each other to get the banks business without thinking of the BOTG Contractor that is going to have to jump through the hoops. They are messing with a system that is already flawed and causing unnecessary confusion. Why can’t we be consistent on this?

When you have 12-16 clients like I do, each work order, each individual software system takes time to learn. I think I am a pretty smart person so I deal with it and do the job as requested however I know there are those that will not follow the rules and will get these requirements mixed up between companies. I believe there are too many differences. You get bogged down with the paperwork and miss out on what the real issues are and that’s to prepare these properties and get them ready to be put back on the market so our communities can get back to being just that-communities.

Most of the businesses working in the field are small mom and pop businesses that are working hard to make a life for their family and pursuing the American Dream. It seems now with all the different requirements and GPS Cameras, Threats of Charge back and kickbacks this industry is making it harder and harder for the small businesses to survive and be successful.

I am not saying this is going to be an easy fix with so many Property Preservation companies out there doing different things, but I believe it is a suggestion I hope some look at and maybe brainstorm of better ways to make this industry less confusing and more productive.

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