Women On The Front Lines

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I am on the front lines of a male dominated industry and I know there are strengths and weaknesses to being a woman in a “Man’s World!  I am not a typical modern day feminist!  In fact I do not consider myself a feminist at all, I don’t believe in Entitlement or Supremacy in any gender male or female. I love it when a man opens the door for me; I love it when a man stands up to allow me to have a seat! That kind of behavior is a welcome sight for this 43 year old woman. However it is becoming a lost cause on some of the younger generation. Scott and I have taught our 15 year old Son and our 18 year old daughter that being a lady and gentleman is the only way to be. You can be a lady and be a strong leader of men too. Kyle can be a man and respect the leadership of women. Respect is earned however, not a right. You must first be respectful to others in order to receive respect from others.


My son opens doors for women; he helps elderly ladies with their groceries. Chivalry is not lost but it is something that is taught by example. My daughter is an athlete and an amazing student. She aspires to be anything she wants to be. Much due to my influence on her she doesn’t look at anything as a male only industry or a female only industry. She wants to do something that makes her happy that also makes her money.  I started selling Real Estate almost 20 years ago. At that time it was a female dominated industry and now the men are coming in and doing well. I think that’s great. We all have something to offer whatever industry we are in.


The guys that work with me don’t care that I am a woman; I do have a little more empathy and understanding than my husband sometimes as that is just the woman in me. But I also know how to come down hard to get my guys motivated to meet the timelines.  Women who are tough get the term “Bitch” or “Bossy”. When Men do the same thing it’s accepted. But I have learned to realize that no matter what I do or say people are going to think what people are going to think. I have no control over that. I do however have control over what I do and how I act.  I admit I am a woman owned business but I have a team of men that help make my business successful and gender in this industry is what you make of it.


I ask that all women not to get caught up in the fact you are a woman in a male industry, get caught up in what YOU have to offer an industry that can use a woman’s touch and men don’t let having a boss that’s a woman make you feel less of a man. I only pick the best men to work with, if you are on my team, you MUST be good. Our company is based on team work and the fact that it takes all of us to be successful. I know there will still be the older generation of contractors (not all but some) that still believe the woman’s place is in the kitchen, bed or home, but I like to think that we are moving forward as a country in understanding that if you have the skills and the knowledge and the abilities to work hard and be successful there is no reason why Women and Men can’t be amazing in and out of the home. Be the best you can be in this life. We only have one life and we are not promised tomorrow. I choose to be all God calls me to be. I challenge all of you to do the same thing.  Best wishes on a successful Month and Year!

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