Game Over: Insert Two Credits… by Joe Hummel

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Before I start, I would like to say thank you for the many people offering support! I am humbled knowing my insight offers some positive meaning to people.

Joe HummelI am attempting to take a position to help our industry with effort, affiliation, and smart design. I am offering my perspective to anyone willing to think outside the box on issues. The C-Level cloud gets thick at times, and we need a strong dose of true reality- aside from the numbers. I like to think I am a straight shooter, but those close call me aggressive, and risky. Even so, I have been known to give a good point or two. I like to shake the boat, but I found all of my best ideas came after I fell down. I think some of you may agree; shaking the boat isn’t a bad thing, but a necessary tool used to challenge the unchallengeable. The unchallengeable in this case is the industry itself. The industry is protected with rules not totally understood by everyone, or broadcast. Those rules cost you a lot of money if broken. Wouldn’t you like to know all of the rules if that’s the case? I would. If there are guidelines to follow aside from what your client tells you, and you have known from your understanding of research; wouldn’t you like to have an industry endorsed place to go for everything?- The ole proverbial “Didn’t you get the memo?”

I bet many can offer the education program to use. I bet everyone can offer their course curriculum, and say it’s the best. I have researched a few, but who regulates the information in it? If it has no ties to the industry but offers certification, how can anyone learn from them, and use the accreditation to an advantage? Does this mean one would have to commit to learning all programs? How do you teach someone to be better in an industry and integrate with their perspective clients if the program has no ties to the industry?

For those reading this for my position on forthcoming issues; consider the ability to reform something. What does it take to reform something? What are you reforming? Is it education, a business practice, or a piece of clay? I see many different ways to reform something depending on the matter. In this case; consider the MFS industry.

Where does one start to even have an affect an industry let alone reform it? I have been troubled with this question for a while now. I think a collective few may have the direction needed to attempt a sort of reforming process. The question is; who wants to help? How can you? It will be told by some it can’t be done, or they are already working on it. Choosing to help affect positive formation in our industry has developed a trend given your perspective. From my own personal dealings, and others I have read about; you will be put under a microscope, and bullied if you do not watch what you say considering basic business fundamentals. Your position will be demanded. Your family will be exposed to accusations. You will be socially tortured with pinpoint propaganda to a target audience; most are your own colleagues if you dare to challenge. You will see things said about you that you know certainly are not true, and you will have the urge to snap back a defense, and at every moment you will be scrutinized if you are not careful.

I ask a different question. Will you help?

If so, you are not alone, there are others in an attempt to better our industry one company at a time. Please trust me as I talk to them. Most that read this may be field servicers, and that is my focus. I am one of you. My model may not be the same, but even though our roads taken are different, the result is the same- Quality. I scream at my team with frustration at times just as you, and I go toe to toe with my client every time needed. I win, I lose, and most importantly- I learn. I hope to be able to have an effect on the industry even if it is only through the efforts of my own frustrations.

I focus on unity. I feel if an industry unites with common goals we can start building fundamental structures to ensure success against future issues. Our past has reached out and touched us in a way that should open everyone’s eyes. There are an unknown amount of companies completing totally inaccurate, poor quality, and downright thievery in homes across the country. This is a huge problem. How do we fix it? Everyone points fingers at everyone else where the blame is. I take ownership of my part of the problem; I did not get involved sooner.

I say education helps create accountability for quality services by way of earned knowledge. Those that are in control should consider the “Competition” and “Status” seekers that develop with this aspect. Standards are delivered indirectly raising industry expectations (the curve), and over time creative curriculums can be created, thus offering a more competitive market for the accredited education companies. I think this creates a new demand in the industry for potential revenue savings for companies gaining accreditation, subsequently increasing the ROI by way quality, and accountability.

I am sure there are many ideas on which issue has the highest priority, and you can point fingers if you want to. You can call people names, and challenge their businesses. Heck, you can even pump out lies if you want to, but it will not help the industry. Organizing, and creating action plans are necessary, but some of us need to come out from behind our keyboards, and get in it to help. I am attempting to get to every conference available to speak with individuals trying to better their companies, and adhere to the guidelines remaining profitable.

Are you going to insert two credits, and help with the proper accreditation process needed in our industry? If not, I say offer a better way to keep quality companies in business, and protect them from criminals, and the ignorant.

Meanwhile… The property is still vacant and incurring penalties from no action.


There are others that are willing to help with problems like this. . One place to find positive insight on common problems costing valuable dollars daily … Join a group and ask a competitor, or a client.

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