Order Processing: Considering the Outsourced Product

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Order Processing: Considering the Outsourced Product


The Taylor ShopThe MFS industry requires each service company to submit detailed condition reports as well as identify sources of damage, subsequently providing estimates for repair to each asset being maintained. Order processing is a critical component to completing work as a field service company and can prove difficult for those not prepared for the detailed data required for each client report. Major financial backlash can occur with the smallest error, such as overlooking detail in a report. Some look for solutions to minimize these errors with 3rd party professionals, and attempt to maximize profitability given our price reductions in some areas.

I feel that with the “Compliance Movement” more processing companies emerge to help struggling companies stay on the level with reporting. An outsourced admin department allows the company in need to focus on completing work in the field relieving much of the daily stresses, and financial liability of having in-house processors. What about QC? I feel the aim 3rd party processors should have is on quality. I asked around the updating community regarding quality, and spoke to Chuck Taylor, Owner of The Taylor Shop, LLC regarding his approach to processing. Chuck, explained, “We understand the urgency and pressure that the mortgage companies put on you to turn around work orders and for the results to be 100% accurate the first time, every time.” To me Chuck’s approach to processing is in the best interest of each field service company looking for help. I recommend consulting The Taylor Shop, LLC if you are looking to alleviate some prevalent issues like, maintaining on time percentages while processing back logged orders, and minimizing reopened work inquires with accurate reporting based on expert knowledge of industry guidelines. In my opinion, the Taylor Shop offers quality 24/7 processing.

Order updating/processing is a function that I personally feel requires an “in-house” staff to complete. The key to identifying issues with client procedures “real time” is, in my opinion, a “Do it yourself” mentality. Key training is gained from the usual bumps in the road with processing orders, and the faster information is gained, the faster the solution can be implemented to adhere to the change and/or conflict. There is a delay when using someone outside your company to process your reports. I would recommend outsourcing only after a firm system of reporting guidelines have been constructed between your field rep, office staff, and client. Keep in mind, removing the in-house attention can come with some serious liability. No one wants to be on the hook for a $30,000.00 roof package due to an incorrect keystroke, especially if it was out of your control. Potential missing bridges of communication between the processor, and the field can be responsible for such mishaps. Keeping a close QC eye on reporting is needed to avoid these hefty chargebacks, and work to be completed for a substantial losses. Errors can be corrected regardless who did the processing.

This industry maneuver has been a recent marketed trend, outsourcing client reporting. With that I feel each owner should be weighing the liabilities of choosing to outsource. If mandated to supply quality control procedures, can you control the quality of another company? Not 100%, but you can offer deficiencies found and recommend solutions. The processing company ultimately chooses how to complete their service. This is a considerable risk if issues arise, and corrective measures are not applied. On the other hand, you chose who does your processing. Homework is needed to properly evaluate each updating company, but I think every company should consider all options while trying their best to keep up with the ever changing reporting requirements; nonetheless it is a tricky process to manage.

There are others that are willing to help with problems like this.https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Cubic-Yard-Property-Preservation-REO-6551906?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v . One place to find positive insight on common problems costing valuable dollars daily … Join a group and ask a competitor, or a client.

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5 thoughts on “Order Processing: Considering the Outsourced Product

  1. Hey, Good Day!

    I am Seth Pattinson from Virtual Assistant At Preservation.

    We are an off-shoring organization only prioritize in property preservation work order processing. We are expert in different preservation software whether its common

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    We specialize in Field Service Processing and Data Entry for Property Preservation companies using Field-Comm. net, EZInspections, PPW, MCS Vendor360, SafeGuard

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    Benifits of Our Services :
    We have the unbeatable price with guarantee.
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    We Work All around the year all 365 days
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    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Seth Pattinson
    Virtual Assistant At Preservation (VAP)

  2. I have been in the Property Preservation business for 15 years. My job ended June 3rd, 2016 and I am in desperate need of a job.
    Greetings Sir or Ma’am:

    I have been in the preservation business for 15years now. My positions at most companies I have worked for have been where ever I was needed to help with my years of experience. I have done just about all aspects of the preservation business.
    1) I have helped to start companies that are continuing to grow.
    2) Processor
    3) Solicited Clients
    4) Direct dealings with clients and vendors
    5) Accounts payable and receivable
    6) Training vendors over the phone
    7) Also did inspections in the field
    8) Attended several national conferences

    With each company that I work for I continue to learn more and more about the preservation business. Every company and client are different. Results may be the same but there is a lot of difference and a lot to learn always. What is learned today could change tomorrow in the preservation world.

    Thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you.

    Penny Lee

  3. Hello
    We are experience back office provider located
    in central America doing Field Services, such as
    Grass Cut Orders,
    Virtual Assistance,
    Winterization Orders,
    Snow Removal Orders,
    PO Orders,
    Maintenance Orders,
    Preservation Orders,
    Bid Processing

    We have 4 years experience using the following applications for property preservation, if you need reference we can provide. We have been working for BenchMark Preservation for over 3 years, we have years of experienced in the following applications

    HomeDepot pro
    MCS Vendor 360

    you can contact us at 323-746-9738 or mclarke@logicbpo.com, mclarke@telexbelize.com

  4. We specialize in Field Service Processing and Data Entry for Property Preservation companies using SafeGuard, MCS Vendor360, Core Logic, LPS, Property Preservation Wizard, Field-Comm, MSI, SFS, NFN, PK Management Group, M&M, Cyprex etc. Our objective is to provide high Quality W/O processing services for our clients. We have been working on Property Preservation & Maintenance in different areas like Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, New Jersey, California, Utah, Texas and Washington. We provide all the data entry related needs for Field Services, such as REO Grass Cut Orders, Janitorial /Winterization Orders, Snow Removal Orders, PPO Orders, Maintenance Orders, Preservation Orders (Initial Secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform Per Bid, Conveyance Conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.), Bid Processing, Quality Control & Zero Bill work orders. We are able to Process work orders accurately and efficiently.

  5. Hi,
    I’m looking to start up new company in India Bangalore, I have 4 years of experience in foreclosure and pre foreclosure in property is inspection and preservation. So I’m looking for client one who belive and outsource to us.

    Thanks and Regards
    Arunkumar P

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