Using Lock Picks

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Following up on my last article, “Occupied until Proven Vacant“, I must stress the importance of every vendor researching the laws in his/her coverage areas regarding the possession of lock picks. I would say that in most areas of the country, lock picking equipment can be owned by anyone but if they are used to burglarize a property, there would be an additional charge of possession of burglary tools. But if a person is charged with burglary he will also be charged with possession of burglary tools even if he used a hammer or any other tool to gain entry.

Make sure you check with all of the law enforcement agencies in the areas you service before purchasing or using lock picks in your business. In some areas, it is illegal to own locksmithing tools without a license!

My next article will uncover the silent killer of most small, service businesses! Most business expenses are easily visible everyday. Others are not. But the silent expenses are the most deadly……..

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