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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Sept. 22, 2010. In a review of Cubic Yard’s older articles, we thought this article warranted a rebirth. The article references an article published on the same date, Sept. 22, 2010. The intent of republishing the story is to bring to light one thought: not much has changed in three years.

If you are a contractor, a national, a regional, an attorney, a homeowner, an asset manager or just a citizen of the US with good common sense, you may want to read this!

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, thinks there is no business better to be in right now than the Property Preservation Business or the REO Business. Countless newspapers across the country, dozens of magazines and 100’s of “get rich” websites have printed articles about our industry over the last year. In case you happened to be busy for the moment and failed to see it, the word is out. This business is no longer a “Secret Society”.

Now that everyone is trying to get rich, or gather enough information for the 6:00 news, or get an article together for tomorrow’s newspaper or next month’s edition I feel that not a single company should have trouble finding contractors. Attorneys are looking for victims. Reporters are looking for stories. Television stations are looking for eye-witnesses. Everyone knows about us!

Is all this attention good? I guess it depends on your objective. I just read an article published Sept. 22, 2010 by the SunSentinel and unfortunately I had very little emotion at all. I’ve heard it before and it’s way, way too common. I am concerned, however that I may no longer want my family, friends and neighbors to know what I do for a living. Read the story and tell me if you want to be associated with this type of publicity.

As founder and editor of Cubic Yard, I have a dedicated hundreds of hours per month for years and years trying to help contractors in the field. I have recently awakened to the fact that I have been wrong all along. The contractor is not always right. The contractor in the SunSentinel story sure as heck is not going to get my help!  With great remorse, I realized that all the free information at Cubic Yard may have been the source this guy, or his employer, used to get into the business. If that proves to be the case, I apologize to all of you.

I have hinted at changes underway for Cubic Yard. Well, no more hinting. As close as possible to October 1st, 2010, will be closed up as tight as Fort Knox. Cubic Yard will dedicate all of it’s resources and it’s future to the professional contractor and the ethical employer. It is my intent to affect change in the industry; drive out the trash, educate and support the professional – create another “Secret Society”. I no longer want to read an article like the article and think that all my work at Cubic Yard may have actually helped this type of person get into the business.

There is a dedicated group of experienced people now involved with Cubic Yard: programmers, marketing professionals, professional educators- making it better every day and laying the ground work for even better things, but…

they will not be working for free and hopefully they will not be helping convicted felons get into the business. The changes to take place mean that I will take on new responsibilities, more important responsibilities – I will relinquish task that can be performed by others more capable than myself. The changes to take place mean you will have to make an investment in our work and your future. The changes to take place will deny the undeserving and serve the deserving.

Let’s stop this madness.

Terry Platt, Editor & Publisher

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