Circle The Wagons

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Most of the time I feel very fortunate to work with a web site like CubicYard.  It serves as an outlet for discussing one of my favorite topics, property preservation, and it is largely responsible for the creation of a community of contractors with which I love to communicate and serve.  Like so many other facts of life though, I have to take the bad with the good.  That means I have to take a little abuse, handle about two hundred e-mails a week along with fifty or so phone calls and disappoint people with my lack of timely follow thru. All in all, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it fulfills it purpose- I think.

Contractors, vendor managers and others call frequently.  Most just want a tidbit of information and then they are on their way. There are others that call to tell me of their great fortune and just as many call to tell me of their misfortune.  I stated a while back that I continue to see drastic changes in the industry and without exception they are all bad for contractors.  Very bad!  Anyone of you can look out over the plains and see that there is no wagon master to give the order to circle the wagons.  Contractors are still being picked off at will by the bad guys  and after having investigated into the attacks, I have several upcoming articles planned.

The first article is about the $50,000 per day penalty to be levied against any contractor that files or allows a lien to be filed on properties they have serviced.  Read your contract.  You will  probably find it in there.  The article will be on the front page tomorrow.

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