A Contractor Wants To Know Which Came First?

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A Contractor Wants To Know

Which Came First
Low Fees or Shoddy Subs?

Quoting from email sent to CubicYard:
The photo isn’t clear, so I’ll read aloud.
Property Preservation Winterization Performed 10/24/2014

Property Preservation Winterization Performed 10/24/2014

This was a winterization completed by a 5 Brothers contractor on 10/24/2014. Yes, that is this year, approx two weeks ago.
The bowl is filthy and completely dry. The tank behind is completely dry.

The garden hose they used to drain the water heater appeared to have been drug in from the backyard and once they finished, left it on the dining room floor.
I’ll stop there with the play by play and just say that if I did that work for a private client, I would lose their business as well as my reputation. I’d be embarrassed to even upload the photos.
It is a chicken/egg argument-are nationals to blame because of what they pay, or are subs to blame for ripping off the nationals.
Editor: Thanks to the contractor sending this story.
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One thought on “A Contractor Wants To Know Which Came First?

  1. These kind of problems stem from the banks trying to farm all the preservation work out in large scales, They give the work out in large regions to one company, That company in turn farms it out to a few more localized companies, Then those companies farm the work out to even more companies that are more localized. By the time the work gets to the local preservation contractor handling the few local counties there really is no profit left for real contractors to complete the work correctly. I’m a contractor of 32yrs and was thinking of picking up some preservation work to fill in my schedule, After speaking with the companies handling the local area I see that the fees being paid and the costs of completing the work just don’t jive…. I received price schedules from over 10 companies advertising for preservation subs. Every company was paying so little for the work that it ends up being a loss for a real contractor to get involved. The profits have been drained off so far after the 4 or 5 levels of subing the work that they are offering less than cost to complete the work, (example ) 6 out of the 10 companies want to pay $12 for a coded lock box supplied and installed !!! in what world does that work ?? Buying the cheapest junk boxes in bulk still cost more than the $12 offered !! Another local company wants to pay $110 for 10 grass cuts and trims… The fuel to do 10 cuts at 10 different locations spread out over 2 counties cost more !!! And all of this added with the cost of the insurances they want you to carry, all the tools and equipment, and all the supplies, Real contractors running legit businesses just can’t do it, So you end up with an extremely large turn around of subs trying to do the work and finding out they are working at a loss……

    The banks need to take more responsibility for their properties and change the methods in the way they farm out the work, If the localized the work flow more the would probably save on their over all expenses and wind up with a much better end product. The best scenario would be the banks farming out the work on a local level and only dealing with the contractors/venders actually performing the work. The bottom line is if they cut out the 4 or 5 levels of paper contractors that are taking all the profits for just shuffling paper they could probably pay less and receive a much better finished product !!!!!

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