A Critical Analysis of the NAARPI Accredited Educational Program

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I am waiting to get my hands on copies of the training material prepared by NAARPI and soon to be offered to property preservation contractors. The reason I am anxious to see the written material and possibly experience the training is because I know first hand the difficult and tiring task of applying for and receiving certification from any bonafide certification entity. It is not an easy process and surviving all the way through to accreditation is a major accomplishment.

Without hesitation, I can speak with authority on the subject of accreditation having been one that prepared and offered training material and online testing for hundreds of property preservation contractors. Although the training and testing I offered was appreciated and even required by some insurance companies, everyone participated in my training process knowing there was no endorsements or accreditation. It was just accepted as rules and procedures passed down from one generation to the next. It served its purpose. However, I spent considerable effort trying to gain some type of official accreditation for the material and the testing. I tried hard. I learned a  lot about the accreditation process and I failed. I just did not have what it takes. It takes a lot.

If you care to read Aaron Aveiro’s article “Accredited Education vs Unaccredited Education: A PPI Conundrum“, you will find a well crafted article filled with fact. If it was not fact, I would jump on it with a vengeance. Aaron writes with authority liberally sprinkled with logical enticement for you to accept and support the work of NAARPI.

So, what is my critical analysis of the NAARPI Accredited Educational Program? NAARPI has accomplished what none have before. Even greater challenges are coming – acceptance by the industry being number one. Even better, industry requirement. The title of Aaron’s article used the word “Conundrum.” His use of this word does confuse me because “conundrum” is defined as “a confusing and difficult problem or question.” There should be no confusion in the impact of this accomplishment by NAARPI. It should not be difficult to support a new direction for the industry.

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