QC University Class Available For Review

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Understanding HUD/FHA Property Preservation Guidelines is online at www.QCUniversity.com and open for review.

Puzzled By HUD FHA Property Preservation Guidelines

Download Free At Amazon.com
July 2 – July 6

Students may view the course material but no testing material has been enabled. Feedback is requested. Please use the feedback block on the course home page (lower left column).

The course text will be available as a free download at Amazon.com starting July 2 and ending July 6. The title to search for is “Puzzled By HUD FHA Property Preservation Guidelines – or just search for “Mr Preservation” to view all Mr Preservation EBooks. After July 6th, the EBook will no longer be free so please take advantage of this offer if you would like to have a local copy of all the course content (minus the scenarios and testing).

Free Kindle Reader programs are available for Mac, PC, Android and Apple devices. You do not have to have a Kindle to read the EBook.

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