To Be Or Not To Be?

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To be or not to be? That is the question in the minds of several company officers I have talked with the last couple of weeks. To be or not be a member of NAMFS, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

CubicYard has always been primarily a resource site with a light sprinking of news. When the decision was made to re-establish the site, a news format was chosen with the idea of gathering news topics from perusal of various industry groups on Linkedin, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups and the like. Updating and maintaining the reference sections of CubicYard are still a high priority but honestly, Google does not pay much attention to static web pages and hoping to pick up a few Google Adsense pennies meant time had to be invested in fresh content. I decided to contact and interview contractors and company officers in order to add a little old-fashioned personal touch and fresh, original content.

One of the hot topics making the rounds in the groups is NAMFS and its membership. It seemed logical to contact NAMFS to see if the association wanted to make any statements concerning the attack on its reputation. I talked with Eric Miller of NAMFS and the outcome of that conversation was rather disappointing – they did not care to comment.

Next, I started contacting property preservation companies that had been mentioned in group discussions or on other websites. This is when things started getting interesting.

One company President was friendly and talkative but nothing really came of that conversation except I did re-connect with that person after about a five year lapse of contact.

Then, a totally unexpected thing happened. I was contacted by a NAMFS member that knew of my internet services, see, and wanted to discuss options. This NAMFS member was and still is very concerned about being associated with an association that is getting its reputation drug through the gutters of the internet. This company is considering dropping its NAMFS membership.

I contacted two more NAMFS members that had recently had some bad press. I am still in discussion with one company. They too are saying they will drop out of NAMFS.  The other company never returned any of my calls.

I guess my phone calls stirred up a little interest. I have an interview lined up for this week with a company owner that wants to talk about why they are not a member of NAMFS. I am always careful to not push an interviewee into uncomfortable territory but I feel tempted to ask a lot of probing questions during this interview.

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