What’s My Job

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What’s My Job?

Terry Platt, EditorWhen was the last time you saw a hula hoop or a typewriter, a yo-yo or a coffee percolator? Do you even know what they are? Or maybe you know what they are; at least you think you do. You’ve seen pictures of them or saw them used as props in movies or advertising.

On the other hand, when was the last time you saw or used a smart phone or had a latte or participated in IM, SMS or used the acronym LOL?

Wow, what a difference. I grew up with the stuff in the first bunch and I still need help understanding or using those in the later.

We all live and learn. What we do with the living and what we do with the learning is pretty much what it’s all about. We have choices. We can enjoy, condemn, hate, despise, cherish, destroy and love. We can decide to study, assimilate, disperse, share, absorb or ignore.

As an editor and publisher for several online publications I am completely submersed in these similarities and contrasts all day long, every day. It’s great. I love it. Of all the things I do, my work at CubicYard™ is the most satisfying, the most fulfilling and the most exciting. To be honest, many of my other interests suffer greatly because of my affinity for CubicYard™.

What does one do when they are so attracted to something that they let other interests and responsibilities go slack? In my case I asked for help. Over the last year or so I have done much more watching and listening. A lot more sharing. To many outside observers there may have been signs that indicated inactivity. To those that know me well, they knew that was not the case. I was watching people worth watching and listening to those with logical, sane and relevant things to say. I have shared and asked others to share with me.

The rewards have been better than I could have every imagined. The result of all this has been the birth of Contractor Comics™, Property Preservation Police™, HudRegs™ and Contractor Career Center™. Why such a diversity? Simple. We do not all share a love for the printed word. We do not all respond to the same type of message delivery. Then came Ask Mr P™ and the modemile™ series. Again, additional sensory channels over which we can have a transfer of knowledge. Taken together, all of this is known as the CubicYard™ Community.

Then came a handful of columnists. A small group as widespread as can be achieved within the boundaries of this country; with experiences as diverse as the human mind can fathom. Some young and fresh minds that type “LOL” at the end of their messages; some more experienced.

So, what’s my job? My job is to try to bring it all together. To make CubicYard™ the oasis of news and reference you need and want. It’s my job to find others that can help keep the flame burning and help them light their own torch.

I’m really glad you’re here to share all of this with me.

Terry Platt, CubicYard™ Editor & Publisher
President, Gulf Thunder Corporation


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