Field Service Rep Receives Police Escort Off Property

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Before noon today, a mortgage field services rep thought he was getting the royal treatment when he contacted the security / maintenance office of a prestigious condo complex. As he has always done in the past, he phoned ahead for permission to enter the gated complex and was told that someone would meet him at the gate.

To his surprise, he was met by a local law enforcement officer that questioned him about the purpose for his visit and what he may know of any of the occupants in the complex. The field rep’s work order and call-back letter was sufficient explaination for the officer which advised the rep there was an ongoing murder-suicide investigation and he was prohibited from entering the area.

The rep did not leave the call-back card. This is just a friendly reminder to remain cognizent of the fact that although performing mortgage field service inspections and contact services are by-and-large tedious and humdrum, there are exceptions to those boring days.

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