Free Advertising! What’s The Catch?

What's The Catch? What’s The Catch?[/caption]

Inspectors, Contractors, Mom & Pops – the little guy. Cubic Yard wants to help you find more clients and help more clients find you. We will list your business information for free.

What’s the catch?  It’s pretty simple actually. We want to call you, at random, and only every great once in a while, to talk – to get your story. We want to know what’s going on in your neck of the woods. You see, your story gives us great content; human interest stuff. We will even let you pick the topic.

If you can handle the suspense and you want to be added to our maps and everything else we can do to help you out, send all of your company contact info to Send us a little bio too; stuff about you and your company.

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