Vacant Home Surveillance

Vacant Home Surveillance Vacant Home Surveillance[/caption]

Full Coverage Video – You can record full color video in the daytime and IR enhanced black and white video at night. 13 infrared LED lamps illuminate even the darkest nights – intruders won’t even know they are being recorded because infrared light can’t be seen by the human eye.

High Quality Video – All video is recorded in high-clarity 640 x 480 24bit.The lens’ 120 degree viewing angle means you’ll get excellent coverage. Records up to 15 hours of video using a single 2GB Mini SD Card by compressing the footage. The NiteWatch will automatically begin to overwrite old recordings when more space is needed.

Motion Activated – Mount the NiteWatch anywhere intruders have to pass to gain entry to your home or business. If you have the NiteWatch installed with permanent power, you can record days, weeks and even months of footage when set to motion activate

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