Yes, Mr Effinger, I Think You Got The Point

Opinionated For Sure Opinionated For Sure[/caption]

A superb piece of journalism was crafted by Lynn Effinger of ZVN Properties when he wrote Outrageous jury award reveals contempt for mortgage lenders for

When I finished reading this article I was contemplating how well it was written and chocked full of entertaining facts, quotes and references. I was thinking Mr Effinger must have journalism experience not mentioned in the short author bio given beneath his article at Housing Wire.

I feel I was well rewarded when I continued – reading responses posted by readers. One has to appreciate responses that contain words like punitive, arrogance, methuselahs, irresponsibly and arrogant. Go read the article and the comments for yourself. Not only will you enjoy the professionalism of the article but you will discover that there are plenty of supporters on both sides of any issue.

Editor, Terry Platt

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