Dallas Court of Appeals Says Non-Compete Agreements Without Time Limit Are Unenforceable

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Non-Compete Agreements Are Unenforceable

Dallas Court of Appeals

Leiza Dolghih, writing for northtexaslegalnews.com, states:

Earlier this week, the Dallas Courts of Appeals sided with an employee inRichard P. Dale, Jr., d/b/a Senior Healthcare Consultants v. Hoschar in ruling that her non-competition agreement was unenforceable because it did not contain a reasonable time limitation.


TAKEAWAY: Non-competition agreements are enforceable only if they contain reasonable time, scope, and geographic limitations (and meet a few other requirements).  A vague, sloppy, one-size-fits-all, or simply an overreaching non-compete, can backfire on an employer when it comes to enforcing the agreement in court.   A non-compete covenant may be clear when the company first begins its business, but it can become less than clear as the company expands or begins to operate new businesses. Updating agreements to make sure that time limits, geographic limits, and the scope of activities restricted under the agreement are clear and reasonable is key to maintaining competitive advantage.


For more information on drafting, enforcing or fighting the enforcement of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements please contact Leiza Dolghih at Leiza.Dolghih@GodwinLewis.com.

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