Public Relations Department Arranges Cleanup Of Haz Mat House?

Potentially Hazardous Materials Removed Potentially Hazardous Materials Removed[/caption]

A property in Beaverton Oregon was recently in the news with KOIN, TV 6, receiving credit for having cleanup crews remove barrels of unknown liquids at 250 NW 181st Street.

On May 27, 2014, as reported by Jennifer Dowling and KOIN News Staff, the Washington County Code Enforcement Officer Andre Bjornskov investigage and reported

“The pond is not fenced on all sides to prevent children from possible harm.”
“Some of the liquid and chemical materials observed may be toxic or hazardous.”
“There were some propane containers and some other containers. The oil based paint as well as the solvent type chemicals certainly could be flammable.”


KOIN Full Story

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