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Customized Management Programs

3Point can create custom order delivery and fulfillment programs tailored to your situation and needs. We can focus on the smallest of details to your benefit as a smart caretaker of your business. If you are not talking to 3Point about how to improve your business, your competition may be…


Pre-Foreclosure & REO Protection Service Offerings

Repair & Remodeling Nationally
Property / Asset Protection of all types
Securing / Loss Mitigating
Recurring Surveillance or Monitoring Solutions
Rapid Bid Processing of all types (Repair, Rehab, FHA, 203K)
REO Core / Initial Services


National Repair and Rehab Ability

3Point can help with rapid bid submission and has focused efforts on your REO marketplace. Lenders, servicers, national providers, and more importantly your broker or contractor, often encounter properties requiring specialized attention. 3Point’s comprehensive process and specific panels embrace end-to-end remediation solutions.
Our primary goal is to immediately mitigate REO risk or loss and maximize sale value and minimize DOM. Our national networks can insure your interests are protected in any jurisdiction with on-demand escalation. 3Point can handle property needs requiring:
Minor to major REO repairs
Rapid and comprehensive bid turnaround
Commercial and residential ability
General contracting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, roofing, flooring, paint, etc.
Broker sign off for quality, photo documentation
Code compliance corrections / emergency repair services
Comprehensive bid detail expedites approval process
County by county protocol observation. Guaranteed legal disposal, with receipts
City / county / state permitting


3Point has the ability to perform all necessary inspection services including:

Standard exterior inspections
Occupancy verification inspections
Occupancy verification with Letter Delivery
Insurance type inspections (variety) – including Loss Draft Inspections
Sale date inspections
Other inspection services performed based on client needs

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