Atlas REO

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Atlas REO provides the following services:

Eviction, Redemption, and Legal Management

  • Cash for Deeds
  • Relocation Assistance – Cash for Keys
  • Eviction Coordination
  • Lock-Out Coordination
  • Personal Property Management
  • Property/Occupancy Inspections


  • Initial Broker Assignment
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Securing and Re-Keying Services
  • Initial Services
  • Property Preservation Services
  • Property Condition Reports

Asset Valuation and Marketing Analysis

  • Broker Price Opinion (BPO) and Appraisal Coordination
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Value Added Repair Analysis


  • Marketing Strategy Reports
  • Implementation of the Marketing Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Reports
  • Mortgage Insurance and Special Handling Management

Offer Management

  • Offer Presentation and Offer Approval
  • Contract Generation and Review

Closing and Title Services

  • Title Procurement
  • Title Resolution
  • Escrow/Closing Coordination
  • HUD-1 Review and Approval


  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Management Reports
  • Timeline and Performance Reporting
  • Customized Reporting


  • Review, Process, and Reimburse Real Estate Agents, Vendors, and Contractors
  • Expense Advances and Authorizations
  • Tracking and Documentation of Expense Reimbursements
  • Expense Management
  • Quality Control

Vendor Management

  • Support for current and potential vendors
  • Monitor vendor compliance with proper insurance and licensing requirements
  • Management of Broker Applications – requirements, status, reviews, screenings, approvals
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