Episode 23 Cubic Yard Interview With Brian Mingham – Founder and CEO at National Real Estate Solutions

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I first met Brian Mingham at a Field-Comm conference around five years ago and we found we had a strong common interest in trying to make the property preservation industry a better career choice for contractors. Brian worked in the mortgage banking industry for 15 years and worked for some well known companies such as Countrywide and J.P. Morgan Chase before he entered the Mortgage Field Services industry.

Cubic Yard InterviewListen in while Brian and I discuss:

  • How Brian approached the trade organization, NAMFS
  • Where should guidance and training come from?
  • How to improve contractor training
  • Nobody has a standard – everyone has their own way of doing things and why it hurts everybody
  • Contractors are put in a bad spot having to do the same job in different ways
  • Brian says companies are doing a disservice to contractors
  • World class training coming to National Real Estate Solutions in 2014
  • Why there needs to be more background checks
  • The educational vendor recruiting website being developed by National Real Estate Solutions
  • Fannie, Freddie and HUD will be forcing change
  • Client specific training coming online
  • Generic training portal coming online
  • Property preservation is a real business and needs to be run like a business
  • Liability is great for everyone
  • How Brian plans on keeping contractors working during the coming slow down
  • Nationals do not set the prices
  • Banks QC all work
  • Nationals have Service Level Agreements they must honor
  • Contractors must run their business like a business
  • Reputation is a priority
  • Brain damage and noise
  • National preservation,inspection, construction and repair company in 42 states
  • Doing business with Hedge Funds
  • Pacific Preservation Services
  • Vectra Field Services
  • Construction Loan Management Company – CFSI Loan Management
  • National Real Estate Solutions
  • Staying relevant while default servicing numbers fall


Resources Mentioned In The Interview


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