How Lenders Manage Third Party Vendor Compliance for Field Services

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A recently published whitepaper, How Lenders Manage Third Party Vendor Compliance for Field Services, sponsored by Aspen Grove Solutions is available as a free download at

The paper is a short 8 pages and succinctly tells the story of the industry’s current compliance issues, new laws and rules.

Quotes within the paper from some industry well knowns include:

There is no consistency from one company to another in deciding what is allowable for our industry. We now have a standard format in determining who we hire and who we pass up.

Michael Evangelo, National Mortgage Field Services


Our goal is to assist our NAMFS members meet the increasing regulatory requirements and cost associated with background screening. 

Eric Miller, Executive Director, NAMFS

Cubic Yard readers will find the download HERE and upon reading the paper will find they have a much better understanding of why background checks have become such a big issue for our industry.

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