October 14, 2013

iMortgage Services

iMortgage Services

iMortgage Services

iMortgage Services LLC strives to be the chosen partner for value-added collateral assessment and settlement services in all aspects of the financial services industry.

iMortgage Services, LLC (iMS) is an independently owned national vendor management company, founded in April 2000 on the principle that we would provide a higher, smarter, more responsive level of customer service to the mortgage industry.
2570 Boyce Plaza Road
Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-220-7330
Fax: 412-220-7368

iMortgage Services, LLC is a customer-oriented organization that values employees as its greatest asset and views quality as an ongoing imperative. We provide superior appraisal and title management services to a broad cross-section of the financial services industry that is unsurpassed in customer satisfaction and product quality.

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