October 17, 2013

M&M Mortgage Services Added To CubicYard Companies To Watch

M&M Mortgage Services, originally founded in Florida as a local inspection and property preservation company in 1987, is a one of a kind corporation dedicated to mortgage field services. Just two years after starting operations, George Mencia, President and Jorge Martin, Vice President, turned the company into a national and comprehensive service provider for the mortgage industry.

M&M Mortgage Services offers a variety of mortgage field services, including several types of property inspections and delinquency interviews, as well as property preservation, REO clean out, property rehab and repair services.
13380 SW 131st Street, Suite 123
Miami, FL
Phone: 305-232-4300

Property Preservation Services:

• Code Violation Abatement
• Debris Removal
• Eviction Services
• Extermination/Fumigation
• HUD Conveyance Preparation
• Initial Securing and Lock Changes
• Lawn Maintenance
• Pool Securing
• Repairs and Restoration
• Restoring Utilities
• Roof Repair
• Snow Removal
• Water Pumping
• Window Boarding/Replacement
• Winterization



Inspection Services:

• Bankruptcy Inspections
• Borrower Interview
• Commercial Inspections
• Compliance Inspections
• Detailed Property Condition Inspections
• FNMA Form 30
• Foreclosure Inspections
• Insurance Loss Inspections
• Leased Equipment Inspections
• Merchant Site Inspection Survey
• Mobile Home Condition Inspections
• Natural Disaster Inspections
• Occupancy Verifications
• Quality Control & Annual Inspections
• REO Occupancy Status Inspections
• Residential Inspections
• Sale Date Inspections

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