An Interview With Riley Lane of Homes Investment Group LLC in Cleveland OH

Riley Lane, Homes Investment Group Riley Lane, Homes Investment Group[/caption]


Riley Lane has been involved with the property preservation for 8 years. Riley is a licensed general contractor in the Cleveland Ohio area. His company, Homes Investment Group LLC, services homes from the chimney to the foundation. Riley started a REO and Property Preservation Services Business to supplement decreasing income in general construction industry.

Riley has a B.A. degree in psychology from Cleveland State University, a psychologist by education and enjoyed working as a  professional cook for 12 years.




Join Riley and I for our discussion containing comments about …

  • how Riley was performing 3,000 to 5,000 work orders per month for BAC
  • got into the industry by chance and made $100,000 per year without leaving home
  • BOTG – the Boots On The Ground Linkedin Group
  • networking between BOTG members
  • how BOTG membership will benefit members
  • what is a whine fest ?
  • everyone needs to find their niche in this business
  • how Riley’s comments on BOTG is going to rub some people wrong
  • hackers following hackers
  • inspection fees have fallen from $15 – $18 to $5
  • truck and trailer outfits
  • are you a contractor or a laborer

Mentioned in today’s podcast …

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