How To Charge For Window Board-ups

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Attachment 4 of the HUD regulations specify requirements for the boarding of properties.

All boarding services are paid based on a unit of measurement called “united inch”.  United inch is a common method of measuring framing.  To determine the united inch measurement of an opening, take the measurement in inches along one side of the opening and take the measurement in inches of an adjacent top or bottom.  Add the two measurements to get a sum which is called the united inch or united inches.

HUD regulations also state that “the plywood used for windows will be cut to fit inside the concrete block or brick opening with a maximum 1/8″ clearance”, so make your measurements at the edges of the opening.

The regulations also state the thickness of the plywood that is used for each type of opening:  “Plywood thickness should be 1/2″ for window openings, 5/8″ for door openings and 3/4″ for sliding door and French door openings. When extra large window openings are encountered use 5/8″ or 3/4″ as necessary”.  There is a small chart in Attachment 4 that states the fee to be paid per running inch depending on the thickness of plywood used.

To determine the fee for each opening, multiply the running inches measurement times the fee paid determined by plywood thickness. 

 As an example let’s say we are boarding a window that measures 30 inches high and 20 inches wide.   Adding 30 and 20 get 50 as our running inches.

The regulations told us to use ½ inch plywood for windows and the fee rate for ½ inch plywood is 0.80 or 80 cents per united inch.

Multiply the running inches measurement, 50, times the ½ inch plywood rate of .80 and we come up with 40 or $40 fee for this window.

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