Episode 22 Cubic Yard Podcast: And They All Went To Jail

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This interview takes an entirely different approach from my normal interviews. For reasons that should become apparent while listening to the interview, I did not introduce my guest and we take measures to insure that those involved in the incident of which we speak cannot be identified.

Listen to learn a bit about:

  • field service reps being sued
  • middlemen being sued
  • everybody involved being sued
  • police called to this field inspection
  • the field service industry is messed up
  • pro bono services
  • field reps paid with cash
  • the joes of the world are taking it on the chin
  • why there are executive boards
  • no regulation and fly-by-night but some are getting super rich
  • could you be an expert witness?
  • cubicyard.us
  • threat assessments
  • risk management
  • vulnerability, threat and risk assessment
  • 31 Things Recruiters Will Not Tell You

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One thought on “Episode 22 Cubic Yard Podcast: And They All Went To Jail

  1. Good interview Terry, at least the person on the pod cast 22 can add some validity of yours and others complaints. Keep up the great work!!

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