Episode 20 – An Interview with Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company LLC in Zimmerman Minnesota

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Cubic Yard Episode 20: Interview Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company

interviewlogo150Paul Kruger captured my attention with a remark he made in the US Field Inspectors & Property Preservations Linkedin Group. Paul”s comment in that group was an indication he preferred Linkedin be treated as more professional than say Facebook or Twitter. Since I am in agreement with that sentiment, I contacted Paul to learn more about him.

The initial look-see to learn more about Paul revealed his Linkedin Profile which revealed Paul is the owner of Peerless Service Company, a real estate support services company in Zimmerman, Minnesota. Peerless Service Company offers home inspections, renovations and property preservation. Paul is a certified Professional Home Inspector and a certified Mold Inspector. Quoting from Paul’s Linkedin Profile:

“Our Home Inspection division helps buyers,sellers, and home owners learn about the condition of their property. We also feature Mold Inspection and indoor air quality testing.

Our Renovation division specializes in kitchen updates, bathroom updates, basement finishing, general rehab, and rubberized wall and floor coatings.

Our Property Preservation division helps realtors, banks and government agencies clean up, fix up and maintain their properties so they are ready for new owners.”

Listen In As Paul And I Discuss:

  • Participation in groups for the purpose of business marketing
  • Online networking with Facebook
  • Visualizing Linkedin as a professional environment
  • The current state of the property preservation business
  • Downward pricing pressure from banks and middlemen
  • Property preservation contractors are an expense to the industry
  • Everyone is in business to make money
  • Banks are reducing their expenses and working to improve their bottom line
  • National asset management companies want to reduce expenses and increase profits
  • Property preservation is not a typical construction type industry
  • Use of Craigslist
  • Diversification verses focusing on property preservation
  • REO and rehab work
  • Working with local brokers
  • Home inspection and REO business
  • REO to rental
  • Working with investor groups
  • Tenant occupied services
  • Working with Field Assets
  • Joining Linkedin real estate and REO groups
  • Grab social media by the horns in the coming year
  • TV news stories about the property preservation business
  • The amount of paperwork and possibility of errors in our industry


Resources Mentioned In The Interview


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3 thoughts on “Episode 20 – An Interview with Paul Kruger of The Peerless Service Company LLC in Zimmerman Minnesota

  1. Same here. Now with the multitude of media outlets its much easier to utilize Craigslist as a positive networking tool. IMO

  2. Tony, you’re right and at times I forget there is some good in all of it. In fact, I started in PPI by responding to a newspaper ad. But, that ad had a company name and phone number in it. I would have absolutely no problem with Craigslist ads that include a company name and contact info.

  3. On the craigslist mention…let’s remember when most of us got into PPI that was really the only source of ‘Getting In’…Today it’s different…Maybe some ‘good’ does come form ‘bad’..

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