An Interview With Paul Williams, Editor in Chief,

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CubicYard™ Podcast: Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013
Interview with Paul Williams, Editor in Chief of

foreclosurepedia.orgJoin Paul Williams and I as we discuss a lot of things including:

  • How Foreclosurepedia got its name
  • Joined U.S. Navy out of high school
  • Met wife in the Blue Ridge area of Tennessee
  • Paul started because he had a problem getting paid for preservation work
  • Wanted to put public pressure on those who owed him
  • Decided that payments to contractors may be a national scale and decided to look into
  • Was put on track to a lot of information for his articles by a lot of C-Level Managers
  • Paul contacted BOA, HUD, J.P. Morgan, etc., and found there was a gridlock probably caused by lack of standards
  • Contracted Mortgage Bankers Association about their property inspection manuals
  • Continued to contact industry contacts and found that no-one wanted to get involved in setting standards
  • Designed to be a (1) check-and-balance  (2) an intelligence apparatus
  • What is an order mill
  • Gathers information from publically available data
  • Feels he is involved in a asymetrical protracted war with the property preservation industry
  • Has no problem with eradication of contractors that are not contractors and order mills
  • The only national left is Safeguard Properties
  • CFPB coming in Q1 2014
  • Paul predicts that by Q3 2014 all nationals will be under umbrella of public companies



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