Episode 24: An Interview With Thomas E. Cono, President of MegaTec Asset Management, Inc. of Arizona

Tom & Pauline Cono Tom & Pauline Cono[/caption]

Wow. What an interview.

I read hundreds of Linkedin comments a day looking for my next guest and a few comments Tom Cono made in a group caught my attention. His comments stood out because they were out of place for the group and the time. In other words, they were levelheaded and unemotional. Just pure logic. I thought to myself, ” now here’s a wierd one. I think I’ll give him a call.” I’m glad I did. I was blindsided more than once by Tom’s comments and soon realized that maybe I should be paying better attention to this guy who has been in the property preservation business for 32 years.

If you’re a NAMFS basher you might want to pass on listening to this interview. As I said, I was quite surprised by some of Tom’s comments but hearing his story should be required of all new contractors. NAMFS might learn quite a bit too.

Tom is President of MegaTec Asset Management, Inc. which services the entire state of Arizona and they publish this promise:
“We pledge to preserve and protect our client assets as if they were our own.”

The staff at MegaTec Asset Management have been servicing the needs of mortgage companies, homeowners, government agencies, realtors and property management companies for over 30 years. Our company has been featured on MSNBC’s, “It’s your Business” in addition to being profiled in various newspaper articles.
We hold industry accepted policies for Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance.


If you would like to  join forces with MegaTec Asset Management, please submit this form with your 
contact information.
We are currently interested in joint ventures in the acquisition and remarketing of distressed
residential real estate. We have been preparing company and client owned, distressed real estate
for remarketing for nearly thirty years. As a result, we have a tremendous amount of experience
managing a high monthly volume of assets.
Please contact us if you would like to joint venture into this incredible opportunity!


Listen in while Tom and I discuss:

  • Starting in the property preservation business in 1981
  • Has been full time in property preservation business his entire adult life
  • Started in property preservation business with intent of making it a career
  • Fees are close to being less than the cost of materials for the job
  • Contractors have to be extremely selective in accepting work
  • System electrical checks with a generator
  • Being willing to walk away is the only power contractors have
  • Tom zones in on his business concerns and has not spent much time on gathering news
  • Pricing is not always set by Nationals
  • There are legitimate reasons why contractors should be complaining
  • Contractor time is treated by nationals as if it is free
  • MCS has ridiculous requirements of seven photos for each damaged item
  • NAMFS has a lot going for it
  • NAMFS has too many masters
  • NAMFS is good for new contractors
  • Tom does Fannie Mae grasscuts for Safeguard Properties
  • Pre-conveyance services may be something contractors may not want to do
  • Tom makes sure his work qualifies him as a superior contractor
  • Tom and John Crawford have pretty much the same work ethic
  • Tom loves working for Spectrum Field Services
  • Tom does not sign contracts that require a penalty of $50,000 for loss of a client
  • Terry Platt discloses that he receives payment as a consultant to SEAS
  • It’s hard to find an organized national company
  • Tom works for Cyprexx a little bit
  • Everything in this business is always on sale
  • Tom covers the entire state of Arizona and is expanding to other areas
  • Tom is planning on being the next generation type of company
  • General contractors, certified locksmiths, plumbers & handmen should visit www.thegreanteam.com
  • There is a tremendous amount of liability in winterization services
  • Contractors need to do more for their own health

Resources Mentioned In The Interview


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