Episode 27: Anatomy Of A Background Check With Sam Ciulla Of NAPS

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Sam Ciulla, Vice President of NAPS, National Application Processing and Screening, Inc.,  is my go-to person for anything related to background investigations and company compliance issues with FCRA, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Federal Trade Commission consumer rights, motor vehicle reports, reference checks and more.

I have been associated with Sam for a number of years and I recognize him as an expert in these areas and more. I asked Sam to discuss background checks from his professional point of view. I feel there is something in this interview for all companies of all sizes.

[schema type=”organization” orgtype=”Corporation” url=”www.natinalaps.com” name=”National Application Processing and Screening, Inc.” description=”NAPS is dedicated to the preservation and protection of accurate quality background checks using traditional and innovative technologies to provide our clients with the most up to date and cost effective screening solutions.” street=”1920 3rd Avenue” city=”Bessemer” state=”AL” country=”US” email=”customerservice@nationalaps.com” phone=”866-425-9671″ fax=”866-425-5129″ ]


Listen in while Sam and I discuss:

  • Sam is Vice President of NAPS, National Application Processing and Screening, Inc.
  • Misinformation about background checks causes a lot of panic in the industy
  • after 9/11 background investigation requests sky rocketed
  • a lot of companies cut corners in their information updates
  • Sam offers background checks in over 100 countries in addition to US clients
  • cheap, online background checks may not includes some county and state information
  • the only way to get up to date solid information is to go to the source, ie. courthouse
  • Sam explains his company’s  “five star” thorough background investigation
  • if someone commits a crime in an area than that of residence, the background check probably will not reveal it
  • most people have the wrong perception of what they are getting with a cheap national background check
  • criminal records are not indexed by social security number
  • most people believe state records include federal records – they do not
  • certain crimes are state crimes, some federal crimes, other crimes may be both
  • not all counties supply information to state records
  • counties that supply info to state records may not be up to date due to various reasons
  • birth of online low-cost database searches are not of the same quality as hand-searches
  • NAPS offers seminars on how to perform quality background checks
  • NAPS offers services to review company policies on background checks, employee discipline, etc.
  • small companies, even one person outfits, can run a background check on themselves
  • if a small company has any employees they should run background check on them
  • contractors should have option of  supplying certified copies of background checks run by contractor
  • NAPS offers seminars that cover the basics of what is required of companies by the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • NAPS offers seminars covering employee interviews, adverse action procedures, etc.

Resources Mentioned In The Interview

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