Episode 21: Interview Mimi Norris, Field Services Business Consultant

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interviewlogo150Cubic Yard Episode 21: Interview Mimi Norris, Field Service Business Consultant


I feel honored to have the opportunity to visit with Mimi. Although she sees herself as just one of the property preservation contractors, Mimi deserves and has earned the title of The Matriarch of the Property Preservation Industry. Mimi has been involved with the property preservation business for almost twenty years and is largely responsibile for creation of one of the first organizations for property preservation contractors, SIRS (Society of Independent Representatives).

Mimi, with others at her side, created and still offers consultation and training for property preservation contractors and offers a variety of certification programs and exams at www.sir4quality.org. For anyone looking for consultation services concerning property preservation, more information will be found at Mimi’s site, www.fsbc1.com. Working with Mimi guarantees input from someone that absolutely knows the business.

In this visit, we discuss a lot of history of the property preservation business which should give listeners an idea that not much has changed in twenty years.


Listen In As Mimi And I Discuss:

  • Rose’s Property Services & JR Services
  • SIRS
  • Richard Law & SOFI
  • Mimi’s education in psychology, sociology, corrections
  • Table Topping
  • Companies want to pay the lowest possible price
  • E&O insurance is used to pay for mistakes of contractors
  • Middlemen pull the profits out of fees
  • Is middleman profit taking (administrative fees) illegal?
  • How would a reasonable and prudent person view our industry fee distribution
  • HUD questions why a sump pump costs $450
  • Business Venture Consulting
  • Bats in the basement
  • Picking up dead dogs
  • Crocodiles in the house
  • fsbc1.com
  • A list of recommended companies
  • Are there more women in the business than there are men?
  • Women owned business advantages
  • Using winter freeze damage as Christmas decorations


Resources Mentioned In The Interview


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