Out With The Old

CubicYard Update In Progress CubicYard Update In Progress[/caption]

A massive update of CubicYard is in progress. Please be advised that all state guidelines are under review and all guides in color should be examined closely or ignored entirely. As these pages are updated, they will be published in black and white. State guides in black and white are current as of October 2013.

Google search engine changes have changed considerably in the last few months and additional updates are in progress in order to take advantage of the changes. You will find that all company listings are being moved from pages to posts. This change will make finding company information much easier in the future. Rather than navigating to a static page dedicated to a company, Cubic Yard will now post company news as posts. If you are looking for company information, just type in the company name in the search field.

In order to give contractors better exposure to the search engines, the old contractor maps are being replaced with a new mapping program which allows search engine indexing.

As changes occur, the information will be posted. Thank you for visiting and be sure to let us know what you would like to see here. Email us: cubicyard.us@gmail.com

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