Oops & Uh-oh

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It’s nice to look at this site’s control panel and see the number of national companies that are using the contractor database to find contractors. In fact, that’s great! That is exactly what it was intended to do.

However, the contractor database has given contractors an excuse to not leave comments as often or publish their own promotional ads under the Free Advertising menu link. Oops & Uh-oh.

Think of it this way. The contractor database is useful only for those that know it is there. Sure, it’s indexed by the search engines but not near as much as fresh content. If you make a comment or place a free ad for your company, the search engines usually pick it up and it’s all over the internet within hours. If you have done a good job with your self-promotion by adding counties, cities, zip codes and good key words then you have put yourself in front of thousands and thousands of people that may be looking for you.

Bottom line:  Go ahead and put your company contact information in the property preservation contractor database and then get into the routine of making more comments and placing more free ads about your company. Use the forum. We recommend that you find something to comment on at least once a week and add a new advertisements once a month. Use the forum to let other contractors get to know you.  You do want referrals don’t you?

Use the free tools we supply for you.  Let the internet know who you are, where you are and what you do.  It only takes a few minutes to gain months of benefits.  If you have questions you are free to call or email. Use the contact page for information on how to do that.

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