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Do you have questions about field inspections, REO, property preservation or other matters related to our industry?


QC Talk™ enables inspectors, company representatives, contractors and others from around the country to interact in a moderated real-time talk show.

QC  Talk ™ is a live interactive conversation platform commonly called a “Community Call”.  It is everything a radio talk show is – but instead of being broadcast by radio, it is broadcast over the internet.

Anyone can call in and talk, ask questions, voice concerns and practically anything else that would be considered acceptable behavior in a pubic setting.  Anyone can call in and just listen.

QC Talk™ tries to hold to topics that will help industry participants  acquire knowledge and operate a more efficient and profitable  business.

The host of each QC Talk™ episode chooses the topic and starts the call.  People join the show by calling in on their landline telephone, by cellphone or by going to the designated website with their computer.  In order to talk during the show, participants using a computer must have a microphone attached to their computer.  Built-in mics and speakers will get you started.

Friends can invite friends and associates can invite associates.  It’s an open talk show!  Even internet surfers can find the show and join in.  QC Talk™ is a great way to interact with people of common interests and you might even make a few new friends and business connections.

All QC Talk™ episodes are recorded and are listed at www.CubicYard.us and can be listened to, downloaded or subscribed to as a podcast.

Please use the QC Talk Forum for all communications concerning the show.

Every one is invited to suggest topics and persons they would like to have on the show as a  co-host – you can even request to be a co-host. It’s easy and fun. All you have to do is listen and talk. Everything else is handled by the host. Send suggestions and requests to cubicyard.us@gmail.com. Be sure to use “QCTalk” as your email subject.

QC Talk™ happens every Tuesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

(Editor’s Note: We have not scheduled a start date yet. The start of the show will be announced on CubicYard™)


QC Talk™ is a trademark of Gulf Thunder Corporation
QC Talk Show™ is a trademark of Gulf Thunder Corporation
QC Talk Radio™ is a trademark of Gulf Thunder Corporation

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