REO Preservation & Protection Cost Schedules for Rhode Island

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REO Preservation & Protection Cost Schedules for Rhode Island

Maximum Allowable
1-Unit $1650.00
2-Unit $1800.00
3-Unit $1950.00
4-Unit $2100.00
Note: If a property is located in a state where winterization is required, and the property has hot water heat, add $250/unit.

Property Inspection
Occupancy Inspection (Exterior); add’l units $10.00 $20.00
Initial Vacant Property Inspection (Interior); add’l units $30.00 $35.00
Vacant Property Inspection (On-Going); add’l units $25.00 $30.00

Lock Change/Securing
Maximum Allowable Securing Fee $350.00
Secure Pool (sqft) $2.05/sq.ft.
Secure Pool Maximum Amount $1050.00
Secure One Door $40.00
Hot-Tub, Jacuzzi, or Spa $55.00

Boarding 1/2-inch (UI) $0.80
Boarding 5/8-inch (UI) $0.90
Boarding 3/4-inch (UI) $1.00
Screening (UI) $0.55
Boarding is pre-approved for the following zip code areas in the cities of: Providence: 05901 02902 02903 02904 02905 02906 02907 02908 02909 02910 02911 02912 02918 02919 02940 Cranston: 02823 02905 02907 02910 02920 02921

Debris Removal
Please see page 33 of ML 07-03 for Large Appliance, Pest Infestation and Tire Amounts
Per Cubic Yard $50.00
Maximum Allowable 1-Unit (12 cu yd.) $600.00
Maximum Allowable 2-Unit (15 cu yd.) $750.00
Maximum Allowable 3-Unit (18 cu yd.) $900.00
Maximum Allowable 4-Unit (21 cu yd.) $1050.00
Vehicle Removal $210.00

Yard Maintenance
Initial Cut up to 10,000 sq. ft. $100.00
Initial Cut 10,001 to 15,000 sq. ft. $120.00
Re-Cut up to 10,000 sq. ft. $95.00
Re-Cut 10,001 to 15,000 sq. ft. $115.00
Trim Shrub $45.00
Snow Removal $55.00

Dry Heat 1-Unit $130.00
Dry Heat Additional Units (2-4 Units) $50.00
Steam Heat 1-Unit $190.00
Steam Heat Additional Units (2-4 Units) $90.00
Radiant Heat: Hot Water 1-Unit $460.00
Radiant Heat: Hot Water Additional Units (2-4 Units) $230.00

Cost Limit Flat Fee (included in Maximum Allowable) $30.00

Philadelphia Homeownership Center
Cheryl Walker,
REO Director
(215) 861-7181

Contacts for Lender Appeals

Rhode Island PA Cityside Management Corp. Carmelo Roman/(603) 423-0313 x 726
Paula Lafollette/(215) 861-7191

Post Endorsement Fees
Substitution of Hazard Insurance Policy at other than expiration of existing policy, if not prohibited by state law. $10.00
Processing / reprocessing of NSF (non-sufficient funds check). $25.00
Modification of mortgage involving a recorded agreement for extension of the terms of reamortization. $50.00
Modifications of mortgaged property includes, but is not limited to: release lot/acreage from original secured parcel, order-of-taking, condemnation, subordination or consent to easement, subdivision consent, lot line dispute or adjustment, consent to change in covenants and restrictions. $100.00
Providing a copy of Mortgage / Deed of Trust: only if duplicate of what was already provided mortgagor. $10.00
Providing a copy of Mortgage Note: only if copy is duplicate of what was already provided mortgagor. $10.00
Providing a copy of settlement statement, gift letters, and other documents: other than those provided at closing. $10.00
Providing new amortization schedule, other than at closing. $15.00
Providing payoff statements: (other than initial) no charge for 1st two requests per calendar year; then each additional statement. $10.00
Providing replacement coupon books. $5.00
Providing mortgagor payment history: other than current and 1 prior year. $5.00
Verifying mortgage to prespective creditor/lender: Verify status of existing loan (in connection with refinance application.) Only allowed when mortgagor has given present lender written authorization to release information to prospective lender and charge fee. $20.00
Providing duplicate year-end statement. $5.00
Faxing payoff statement on request of mortgagor. $5.00
Incorporating borrower name change in servicer’s system. $0.00
Re-Analyzing escrow accounts and providing coupon books. $0.00

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