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Property Preservation Contractor Reputation


Success Starts With Your Documentation

Success Starts With Your Documentation


Timely And Accurate Communications

In addition to doing superb work, there are a few things that will boost your reputation. One of the most mentioned in the property preservation industry, along with documentation, is communication. Companies want to be able to get ahold of you when they need to and know that what you say is 100% reliable.

For every property you work on, there is much more going on than you can even imagine. Your work is a key element in the overall scheme of things. A lot of critical issues are based on the outcome of your work. The timing of many processes hinges on when you do certain things. There are dozens of office workers, attorneys, insurance companies, code enforcement personnel, law enforcement agencies, real estate brokers and many, many others involved and they all need timely and accurate communications from you and with you.


Become Known As The Info King

In many instances you will be the only source of information about a property. If you are not the only source, you need to become the preferred choice of information. It’s very good for your reputation.


What Information Might Be Included?

Always take notes that contains the 5 Ws, how, how much and what’s the problem. Some of the basic information that will be expected is:

  • how you verified the property address is correct
  • how you verified the property is vacant. Make absolutely certain you make this decision on your own from your own observation and investigation.  Always doubt the information supplied on any work order.
  • whether the property is for sale or not,  if so the realtors name and phone number
  • is there a lockbox?  Sure you’re going to check the front door but seems real estate agents have become creative with lockbox placement.  Look on the electric meter, the gas meter, around the mail box, back door, porch rails, etc.
  • are there any posted violations
  • are there any property conditions that, in your opinion, may put the property at risk of a citation.  Know the city ordinances for vacant properties for each municipality in which you may be working.
  • utilities.  Are they on?  Are they even available at the property.  Reporting that a utility is off or on when it does not even exist at the property is a sure way to get the opportunity to make an unpaid return visit for photos documenting your mistake.  Many homes are in “total electric” neighborhoods – reporting the gas as turned off is just plain wrong.  It is “N/A” or “none” or “not available”, “or not applicable” depending on the company’s nomenclature.
  • how many secondary doors are there?  Are they locked?  Do they have both a knob lock and a dead bolt?
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