Most Common Quality Control Issues For October 2014

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Quality Control For Property Preservation Contractors


Some critics of the Property Preservation Business in general, and property preservation contactors specifically, say that as many as 90% of property preservation contractors are unable to use measuring devices and correctly report the results of measuring work related items.

Property Preservation Contractors Don't Measure Up

Property Preservation Contractors Don’t Measure Up

Our very casual and unscientific survey gave an entirely different conclusion. We were able to survey only 37 companies and only 3 stated they had any issue with the way their contractors took or reported measurements. All of the participants, except one, wanted to change the subject and tell us what they did have problems with.  Being of the mindset that any input from the companies hiring contractors is something to pass along, we came up with the most common complaints, or quality control issues, these companies reported in October of 2014:

  1. Missing or blurry lockbox up close photo
  2. Missing or blurry Electric meter photo
  3. Missing or too-far-away photo of outbuildings
  4. Missing one or more appliance photos
  5. Overall poor quality photos
  6. Incorrectly coded lockboxes
  7. Missing photos of water heater, furnace and HVAC units
  8. Missing keys in lockbox
  9. Missing or bad address verification photo
  10. Missing or illegible signatures on paperwork
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